Yes Peru

Yes Church mission trip to Peru.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It is finished.


Team is back home in good old Canada.

Our final day in Lima with Pastor Caleb was great. We did some serious power shopping before we headed back home. The girls really stepped it up a notch on this leg of the journey.....digging deep and trying to visit every store humanly possible in the allotted time.

The flights back home were good, and we are all safe and sound. The connection in Miami was a little tight, and they had to hold the plane 10 minutes for us, but we made it. Leaving from Lima was a bit of scurry as well. The place was just packed with travellers, and the airport was utter chaos. Howard and I had to tackle at least 10 people just to get in the front door. It seemed like they had arrivals and departures all trying to go to the same place, and the luggage x-ray machine just kinda plunked in the middle of one area, causing a human traffic jam. Bernice (Caleb's daughter) says it was designed by monkeys :)

Thanks to all for following the events, and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. It was wonderful experience, and I'm sure one that will be a stepping stone for future endeavours.

Here are some photos of the last stage of our journey for your enjoyment.

Leaving Pichanaki

Scenic shot on route

Scenic shot on route

15,800 feet above sea level

Scenic shot on route

Cuzco Hombre


Cuzco Sunday morning Kids service

Cuzco Sunday evening worship

Cuzco Sunday evening worship

Snoring Loudly

Group at Manchu Pichu

Manchu Pichu

Top of Waynu Pichu

Peak Climbed

Manchu Pichu


Pump You Up

Top of the World

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cuzco Kids

Hello All.

It has been a busy last couple of days, so I will try to get a brief update in before leaving for our flight.

We made it to Cuzco safe and sound. Early morning flight out of Lima with no delays. The church here met us at the airport with a nice Mercedez Benz bus. Checked into our hotel, got cleaned up, and then went to their church for the morning service. They had us do the kids service and it was awesome. The team did a great job of worship and puppets, and it was well received. There was approximately 100 kids in attendance for this service! Very inspiring. After the service, the pastor toured us around, and took us to some land he is developing for a kids camp here in Cuzco. Sounds like a possibility for next years mission trip....... We then attended an evening service at another church here in Cuzco. We did joint worship with their team, I shared a brief testimony, and Bruce preached. It was awesome. The Holy Spirit is present in Peru.

The next day (yesterday), was our trip to Manchu Pichu. It was a 4 hr train ride there, then 1/2 hr bus to the site. Total of 9 hrs travelling just to get there and back, but it was well worth it. The Inca ruins are awe inspiring to say the least. Part of the team got a historical tour, and the other part climbed a peak called WaynaPichu. It was 2.5 hrs up and down, but worth every step.

So, it is Tuesday morning now. We are about to leave for our flight back to Lima. We spend the day in Lima with Pastor Caleb and his family, and then fly back home tonight at 1:00am in the morning. We should be in Toronto around noon tomorrow.

I will post more pictures as time permits.

See you soon!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Snowed In - In The Jungle!!


Today was travel day from Pichanaki to Lima. Our bus was suppossed to leave at 9:00am, but never came. Turns out that the pass through the mountains was closed due to snow! Not making it to Lima in time would have been bad, as we would miss our flights to Cuzco, lose our fare money, and not get to worship there. Well, the Lord provided (as He always does), and we were able to rent a combi (mini bus) to take us to Lima. It was a bit of an adventerous ride, but we did make it to Lima by 11:00pm, and all are safe and sound. It did cost us an extra 500 soles, so feel free to wire us some funds :)

Yesterday Pastor Miguel and his family took us to some wonderful waterfalls for sightseeing. It was much nicer then digging, and allowed us to have some good fellowship with him and his family. Jess did some solo white water rafting, and all had a good time swimming under the falls to a hidden cave. Very cool.

Tomorrow (or rather today now as it is past 12:00) we leave for Cuzco, and do 2 worship services. Should be pretty exciting, and the pastor there will be taking us around between services to show us some sights. We get up at 3:30am to catch our flight, so should be a busy day.

Here are some more pics for your enjoyment. They will start with ones from a few days ago, and work up to our day at the falls (they call these falls ¨"The Veil of the Bride". Very beautiful.

Pics are as follows:

- Girl from camp.

- Bees Nest.

- Hammock break at camp.

- Breakfast at camp.

- Bug

- Camp sign at dusk

- Hut in the jungle

- Munchkins at camp.

- Synchronized picking

- Working hard at camp.

- View from dining area at camp.

- Veil of the Bride falls.

- Snack at falls.

- Johnny in his native habitat:)

- Adventure Man Howard

- Group at the falls.

- 2nd falls

- Local Pichanaki girl.

- Love from the Team.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Picture Post


Not sure how long I will have a decent connection, so just going to try and dump some photos up here for you all.

This group of photos has one from Lima, a few from Huancayo, a group of them from travelling through the mountains to get to Pichanaki, then a couple from Pichanaki.

I will post another set of us working at the camp, and some other Pichanaki shots.

Photo´s in following order:
- Huancayo boy with dog
- Huancayo market madness
- Lima - Pastor Calebs daughters place of work (marble factory)
- Scenic Trip to Pichanaki 1
- Scenic Trip to Pichanaki 2
- Scenic Trip to Pichanaki 3
- Scenic Trip to Pichanaki 4
- Scenic Trip to Pichanaki 5
- Johnny´s new friend in Pichanaki
- Pichanaki girl

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hot Tamales


Had a stellar time digging today and yesterday. It was very
hot....over 40 degrees, and the sun was just cookin. Everyone has
started to get some good color.....maybe even a little too much :)

All are in good health, and are getting along famously. The girls
have been doing a fantastic job. Really getting into the whole
thing, and working very hard. No sissies in this bunch. They are
being a great witness the the people we are helping, as well as being
excellent ambassadors to Christ, Canada, and Yes Church.

They killed a poisonous snake that came into camp yesterday, so that
was pretty cool. Also went for another jungle walk at lunch, and
took some photos of some pretty big bees nests. Mary almost stuck
her head into a little hornets nest by mistake while demonstrating
here gymnastic abilities, but pain was averted, and all is well.

The towns people here are great. Kids all over the place playing
with one another. Very happy , and like having their picture taken.
Everyone in general is very helpful, and interested in what we are
doing. We really stand out here, and turn a lot of heads. No other
white people really in a town of over 6000 people, so kinda makes us
an oddity. It's a good experience.

That's it for now. Enjoy the snow back home....Ha!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pickin In Pichanaki

Hello All.

Made it safe and sound to Pichinaki....deep in the Selva (Jungle) of Peru. Had a great bus trip here from Huancayo, and everyone was feeling very healthy. The scenery coming through the mountains then into the jungle was incredible. I will have to post pictures internet access here is not very good.

Accomodations here are pretty good. We are staying in town, and then taking little cabs up to the camp in the morning. Are hotel rooms have running water, both cold and cold. Nice and refreshing after a hot day digging in the jungle. Some rooms got the bonus of some little lizards/geckos....but none in mine/bruces. Ill see if I can get some sort of rebate.....

We arrived at camp Shanikarovi early this morning, had breakfast, and started digging out the side of a hill for the directors home. We had to break for some rain here and there, but all and all it was a pretty good first day. Howard out-worked the lot of us, but I figure thats only fair as he is twice as old, he should be able to work twice as hard :)

We finished off with dinner at the camp, and then walked out the laneway (10 min walk) to catch the cab. Bruce had told us how the cabbies are always around there, and pretty much swarm the place as they know there are gringos there. First cab was there right away, so most of the girls and Johnny got in that one. I was impressed. Figuring the next one would be around soon, we started walking into town. 45 minutes of walking later, and getting quite dark, we finally hitched a ride on the back of a small truck loaded with mangos. Bruce and Jessica in the cab, and Howard and I hanging off the back tailgate. Barb is not suppossed to know, as she will likely freak out.

Thats it for now. I will post pictures and more updates when possible.
Love from Peru.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Up in Huancayo

Hey All.

Made it to Huancayo on the crazy bus ride. Pretty good trip all around. Not near as much barfing as expected. Tamarrah made a few trips to the washroom in the back, but she is feeling much better now.

We had a New Years Eve service at Pastor Miguel's church. It was great time, and went till 11:00pm. We then made ourselves to the main square in town, and rang in the new year with all the locals. It was pretty wild. They light off all kinds of firecrackers, and sell them right on the street. They also burn little fires all over the place, right in the middle of the street....whatever they can find. Makes the whole place look like a war zone, but everyone is well behaved.

We had another New Years Day service at Pastor Miguels church. We did more puppets, worship, and Bruce is preaching up a storm out here. Everything is being well received by the Peruvian people.

Here are some photos of these latest events. Thanks, and God Bless.

We head out to the jungle tomorrow, so it may be a few days before posting again.

Photos are in the following order:
- puppets at kids service in Lima
- child from above service
- Local lima beach we visted
- same local beach
- Bruce preparing for bus ride
- Worship in Huancayo
- Puppets in Huancayo
- Ringing in the New Year at 11,000 ft above sea level.