Yes Peru

Yes Church mission trip to Peru.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

First Worship

Thursday night we had our first worship service in Lima. It was awesome. Small church with big hearts. The team led with some worship songs, then Pastor Bruce preached the Word. He talked on how we need revealed knowledge of who the Christ is.....Just like Peter had. It was good food.

Here are a few pics of the event:
- Worship Team
- Congregation
- Bruce Preaching
- Trying to fit 12 people in 2 small cars

We also worshiped and ministered to small children last night. It was wonderful. The kids have smiles that explode the world. I will post some pictures later on.

Need to rush out, as we are about to catch our bus to Huyancauo. We will be celebrating the new year at 11,000 feet tonight. God bless you all, and Happy New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Lima Shots


Here are some shots from Lima as promised. The first one is getting our baggage at the airport in Lima. Customs there was very lineups at all. Nobody got arrested, although Johnny did set off an alarm, and had to go through the MRI scanner with his luggage.

Next is the outside of the famous Church and Convenant of San Francisco in Lima. Very beautiful, and of great historical significance to Peru.

We had a tour throughout this historical site, and here is a shot of the inner gardens, etc. Not all the inner pictures turned out that great, as your not allowed to use a flash. Sometimes I ´forgot´ , and managed to get a decent pic.

Here are some cool skulls they have in the catacombs. They have this dungeon area that is just full of all kinds of bones...even artistically organized.....very wierd. Your not allowed to touch the bones, but that didnt stop Mary (or me). We repented afterwards.

Thanks for watchin....stay tuned for more...

Love from the Team.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Eagle has landed.

Hey all.

Just a quick post to let you know that we have made it safely to Peru. Caleb and his family picked us up at the airport, and we are all snug as a bug in their house.

Will post some pictures later once we have some time. The drive from the airport to Caleb´s house was a complete riot. Mass confusion and many honking of horns. Kinda like having a freeway full of Bruces driving around ¨:)

Stay tuned for more whacky adventures.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Made it to Dallas!

Trip from Toronto to Dallas went well. Everyone made the flight, and all systems go!

Here are some pics of the team in our travels. Thanks to everyone for your continued support in prayer.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

12 Hours

Well, less then 12 hours till most of the team leaves Brantford for the airport.

Everyone is pretty pumped up to go. I'm at the airport already, watching the planes take off, wishing I was on them already. Sleep tonight is questionable at best.

This is a pic of the type of plane we will be flying to Dallas on. Not sure what we take from Dallas to Lima, but I'll check, and maybe post again later.

Ok, checked flight info and we fly from Dallas to Lima on a Boeing 757. Here is pic for any plane buffs:

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Trip Itinerary

Here are the details of our trip :)

Wednesday December 28
Brantford, Toronto, Dallas, Lima
Travel from Toronto to Lima via American Airlines
Departing Brantford at 4:30 am for Toronto airport for flights to Lima
Arrive at 9:36 pm (same time zone)

Thursday December 29
Ministry to group in Lima
Accommodations with Caleb Fernandez in Lima

Friday December 30
Possible trip to the beach. Ministry to group in Lima.
Accommodations with Caleb Fernandez in Lima

Saturday December31
Lima to Huancayo
The 6 hour bus trip through the mountains to Huancayo.
Evening concert and ministry.
Accommodations at Pastor Miguel Trigozo’s home & hotel.
New Years Eve Celebrations in Huancayo.

Sunday January 1
Minister in Pastor Miguel’s church morning and evening.
Accommodations at Pastor Miguel Trigozo’s home & hotel.

Monday January 2
Travel to Camp Shankivironi, 6 hour bus trip through mountains
Arrive in Pichanaki in the central jungle Work and ministry at the camp
Hotel accommodations in Pichanaki.

Tuesday January 3
Camp Shankivironi
Work and ministry at the camp, building a camp directors home.
Hotel accommodations in Pichanaki.

Wednesday January 4
Camp Shankivironi
Work and ministry at the camp, building a camp directors home.
Hotel accommodations in Pichanaki.

Thursday January 5
Camp Shankivironi
Work and ministry at the camp, building a camp directors home.
Hotel accommodations in Pichanaki.

Friday January 6
Camp Shankivironi
Work and ministry at the camp, building a camp directors home.
Hotel accommodations in Pichanaki.

Saturday January 7
Return to Lima by bus from Pichanaki Early morning bus.
Possible trip to the Beach.
Spend the day at the beach eating raw fish and enjoying the surf.

Sunday January 8
Early morning flight to Cuzco.
Flight TA 007 Taca Airlines departing 6:15 am.
Arrive in time to minister in a local church. Maranatha Church in the am & Church Christian Familiar Center in the p.m. We will have time for site seeing for the remainder of the day.

Monday January 9
Travel by train to Machu Pichu.
The group will take the train through the mountains to Machu Pichu.
This is a day long trip and a meal will need to be purchased or a lunch brought.

Tuesday January 10
Return to lima from Cuzco.
Return trip on Flight TA008 Taca Airlines departing 8:20 am.
Any last minute shopping or site seeing may be done at this time.

Wednesday January 11
Return from Lima to Toronto, then to Brantford
Traveling from Lima to Toronto on American Airlines flight 918
Departing Lima at 1am Wednesday morning arriving in Toronto at 11:13 am

Monday, December 19, 2005

Who Are We

OK, so here is the team.
From left to right we have:
Johnny, Mary, Howard, Tamarah, Bruce, Jessica, Alisha, Vic, and Rachel

Kate is coming from out west, and should be joining us on December 23rd(I think).

Departure date is December 28th. We will post an updated itinerary before we leave.

Please continue to pray for us, as we ready ourselves to minister to the people of Peru.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

What Are We Doing

YesChurch Mission Trip to Peru
Camp Shankivironi

From December 28, 2005 - January 11, 2006, a group of 9 individuals from Yes Church will be going on a missions trip to Peru, South America.

This will be a trip remembered for the rest of our lives, and it will impact the lives of those we come in contact with.

The trip will include several exciting ministry endeavours. The primary purpose of the trip is to help establish the vision, as well as construct a Christian Kids Camp in the jungle area of Peru. The project is being initiated by a church in Huancayo, a city in the mountain area of Peru.

We will first arrive in Lima where we will have an opportunity to see this city of eight million people. We will get involved in the city through friends that minister to youth in Lima area.
Next there will be trip by bus into the mountains to Pichanaki, a small city in the jungle of Peru. We will be spending approximately 5 days working on camp Shankivironi. We will also have an opportunity to minister to the people of Pastor Miguel Torizo’s church in Huancayo. Huancayo is a city of 250,000 people at an elevation of 11,000 feet.

At this point we will return to Lima. The final stage will be to fly to the city of Cuzco where we will take a mountain train to Machu Pichu and visit the famous Inca ruins. From there we will return to Lima, and then return home.

Stay posted to this blog for more information as it become available.